History of Academia Electronica – Institute of Philosophy at the JU from 2013


We began the academic year with some hybrid conferences, among which the one titled Philosophy of Technology had a considerable meaning, because it took place at the Academia Electronica-Institute of Philosophy at the JU. It was the second conference which was organised in Second Life. The first one titled Internet – New Media – Culture 2.0. Perspectives for virtual research and education growth, portal and the the Section of Theory of Culture and Metodology of Cultural Studies, The Institute of Cultural Studies, The Maria Sklodowska-Curie University of Lublin, Poland.

On 24th October 2013, there was a historical event – an online Master degree exam on the net took place which was the second one in Polish e-learning history. Mr. Jan Argasinski (RL) | Xavras Burner (SL) defended his thesis titled Ubiquitous Computing and Internet of Things – New technological paradigms of human existence. The exam was held in Room for Physics Study in the building of The Institute of Philosphy of The Jagiellonian University of Cracow and at The Academia Electronica – Institute of Philosophy of the JU in Second Life. The First Master degree exam in Academia and the first PhD defence were held in June 2012. Information about those events was published in The American Philosophical Association – APA Newsletter, as well as on the forum of Academic E-learning Association in Poland.

The academic year 2013/14 was crucial because of launching a new website, which could be fully adjusted to new academic challenges. In Second Life a new academic lecture hall – the Amphitheatre was set up. All the improvements were possible by the cooperation with Neutrinka Lisle, Dex Euromat and Ender Meiler. All those actions were only possible owing to The Institute of Philosophy of The Jagiellonian University and its donation lasting one-year.

Academia Electronica-Instytut Filozofii UJ 2014Budowniczowie Academii

Academia Electronica nad its creators

Jakub Petri, PhD, (RL) | ChiefSalamander (SL), affilliated at the Jagiellonian University, started a new 60-hour online course on The Performative aesthetics of contemporary city space, and it will be continued next year. Doctoral seminars were held by Andrzej Radomski, PhD, (RL) | An Redinamus (SL) affilliated at The Maria Sklodowska-Curie University of Lublin, there were also consultations led by Joanna Hańderek, PhD, (RL) | Magoja (SL) from The Jagiellonian University. Like in previous years we met up at The Piwnica pod Aniołami restaurant, where some of lectures were held.

Academia took part in 11 conferences and hosted visiting professors coming from various Polish academic centres within the programme titled From student to Professor who delivered 13 lectures.

Many times we listened to the OSG (Oryginal Sountrack of Games), and voted for the best performance in the music programme led by Dex Euromat in the Komin club

Below you can find the list of all additional Academia Electronica’s lectures and the list of conferences in which Academia participated.

Academia Electronica – 2013-2014


Academic year 2014-15 was the 8th year of The Academy’s activities – time passes here so quickly that you could get an impression that we spend significantly less time in the real world. This year we said goodbye to The Piwnica pod Aniołami restaurant, which had disappeared at the end of 2014. But a new Polish Place in Second Life called Zakamarek came to existence. We celebrated the New Year 2015 at Smelly Cat where we had Blues Jam Session. Few times we listened to and voted for the best performance in the Original Soundtrack of Games programme led by Dex Euromat. On Monday evenings Mirka Loewe, Static Melody or Ender Meiler were streaming music, owing to which we had a great time, many times late at night.

This year, owing to Neutrinka Lisle, and Dex Euromat’s substantial efforts, Academic website has significantly developed. We launched exam tests and audio text versions prepared for people with eye-sight impairment. The Examining Owl, which tested students, was launched this year. This is the first in Poland examination bot in 3D environment (if you have any complaints related to your grade, ask the bot J ). We also started the Academic Survey about Second Life participation, where we ask users about their feelings concerning they stay in Second Life – this field research could tell us if Second Life is a computer game or electronic world:)

There were one 60-hour and three 30-hour courses, in which students from various Polish Universities participated. In summer semester on Mondays at 9 PM within the “From Student to Professor” programme, invited visiting professors from all over the Poland delivered their lectures. Academia took part in many conferences, in few cases as a co-organizer, e.g. Philosophy of technology : purpose of education in the times of technology.

In July next two online final exams took place: Master thesis Selected methods and technologies to broaden inractions in digital art was defended by Bartłomiej Bugajski (RL), Terendil (SL); Bachelor thesis The problem of human freedom in the electronic world was defended by Bartosz Dominik (RL), Bartea (SL).

This year Academia took part in 13 conferences and, additionally, there were course lectures, additional 14 lectured were delivered within the “From Student to Professor” programme.

Academia Electronica – 2014-2015

Interview with Sidey Myoo by Paulina Paczkowska was broadcast in “I like that” programme in the Radio Kraków and Off Radio Kraków in April.

After summer break, we will set fire in fireplace near the amphitheatre:)