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Upcoming Events

We at Academia Electronica are very excited to invite you to our upcoming event, which is part of the lecture series “Science Beyond Borders – The Global Electronic Academy”, on “The Education of Senses. At the Intersection between Affectivity and Aesthetics” and delivered by Carsten Friberg (RL) | LibreMont (SL). The talk will take place in Second Life on April 15, 2021, Thursday at 18:00 CET at Academia Electronica in the Amphitheater.

Abstract: I will suggest that aesthetic education, i.e. the forming of our perceptual skills in social interaction, is perhaps the central topic in aesthetics. The premise for my suggestion is that aesthetics is considered as a philosophical discipline, i.e. about investigating the legitimacy of claims of knowledge. Moreover, I also approach it from hermeneutics asking what aesthetics is an answer to. Why does aesthetics need a philosophy? From these premises, aesthetics concerns how our feelings and emotions are formed to become shared with others which, consequently, constitutes an aspect of how we perceive ourselves in relation to others and to ideals of self-perception and world interpretation.
Keywords: Philosophical Aesthetics, Education, Affect, Perception
Author’s Note: Carsten Friberg is a Copenhagen-based Independent Scholar with a Ph.D. in philosophy. He now teaches independently and works on projects in collaborations with artists and designers after holding positions at academic institutions. He is associated with AAU/CRESSON (Réseau International Ambiances). His research interests include ambiances-research and aesthetics and politics approached from phenomenology and philosophical anthropology.

Events are co-organised with The Philosophy of Technics Student’s Research Circle, which is on Facebook:


Instructions, Procedures, and Description

You can download the project instructions, procedures, and description here (PDF): Science Beyond Borders Instructions, Procedures, and Description

Last updated: 03/26/2018


The Science Beyond Borders (SBB) project is aimed at promoting knowledge, scholarship, and science at a level that transcends national borders and locational limitations. We value the creation of international dialogues between researchers as well as transnational co-operation in exploring ideas, different habits of thought, and reaching global audiences through talks and studies. We believe the best milieu for such an aim is virtual reality. The talks take place in virtual reality through the program Second Life (SL) and are conducted in English.

Additional Information and Instructions:


The Institute of Philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland; Academia Electronica.

  • Adrian Mróz, M.A. (SL: Abenteuerzeit)
  • prof. dr hab. Michał Ostrowicki (SL: Sidey Myoo)


Our goal is to create 45 minute monthly talks, which would take place at 19:00 Central European Time (10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time / Second Life Time) on the second Thursday of each month. However, we do anticipate and understand the need for elasticity in scheduling during the first year of the project. Over time, our ambition is to fix the talks to a reliable and regular date, which would maximize the availability of the talks to more participants thanks to predictability in regard to scheduling. We please ask the speakers to take this into consideration.

Organizational Templates:

Below are templates to be used in promoting and organizing the SBB project. Fragments that are formatted in BOLD represent the information needed in order to plan the talks. Please take notice that the fragments that are underlined should be consulted with the organizers, since the date, although flexible, should be planned around the second Thursday of any month at 19:00 CET. The default location of the talk in Second Life is the Amphitheater, nevertheless, the talk itself may take place in a different virtual room. If that is the case, then a teleport to the room where the talk is scheduled to take place will be set-up in front of the Presentation Screen in the Amphitheater at Academia Electronica.

Invitation template

Academia Electronica invites you to attend a talk, which is part of the lecture series “Science Beyond Borders – The Global Electronic Academy”, delivered by WHAT IS YOUR NAME??? (RL) | (WHAT IS YOUR SECOND LIFE USERNAME?) (SL), entitled “WHAT IS THE TITLE OF YOUR TALK?“. The lecture will take place in Second Life on MONTH DAYYEARWEEKDAY at TIME CET (10 a.m. PST/SLT) at Academia Electronica in the Amphitheater.

Biographical note

There is no planned format or template for a short biographical note about the speaker. We recommend providing a brief research profile: affiliations, achievements, focuses, languages, websites, and so on. These are guidelines or suggestions. We do, however, require a biographical entry. 


The abstract should be a summary of the talk or main themes to be addressed. We anticipate short abstracts between 150-300 words in length. Please provide from 3-7 keywords.

Poster / Promo Image

Please provide the organizers an image file in the format .JPG or .JPEG. You can design the poster or promotional image yourself. It will be featured on Facebook (event cover), as well as on the Academia Electronica website. If no image is submitted, then the organizers will prepare an image themselves.


Please provide the organizers an image file of logos of affiliations in the format .JPG, .JPEG, or .PNG

Before the talk starts

We would like to organize a quick technical check (sound, video, etc.) before the scheduled talk in order to make sure that the event starts smoothly. This can be any reasonable date and time before the talk as long as both the speaker and organizers agree to a date and time to do this. A reasonable date and time imply that this should be done at least 2-3 days before any talk.

PowerPoint Presentations. You can manage the slides yourself, or ask us to do it:

  • If you wish to add slides to the talk, please contact Prof. Michał Ostrowicki (Sidey Myoo), who can provide you with Lindens (SL virtual currency) for each slide. One slide “costs” 10 lindens. He will provide you with the virtual currency and we will explain how to upload slides during the technical check. The slides should be saved in a folder, and each slide should be exported into JPG format.
  • Please send us a copy of the PowerPoint presentation at least 24 hours before the scheduled talk. We will process the slides and upload them for you. In order to change a slide, you simply need to verbally ask us to do so.


The talks will be published on the Academia Electronica website and on the Academia Electronica YouTube Channel in the SBB playlist:

Contact / Call for Abstracts:

If you would like to contribute, then please contact one of the organizers:

Previous Talks

The Education of Senses

dr Carsten Friberg (RL) | LibreMont (SL)


The Metabolism of Oil

Joy Zhu (RL) | pallakschpallaksch (SL)
University of California, Los Angeles, USA

From Caspar David Friedrich’s  Wanderer above the Sea of Fog to the iCloud: a Comparative Analysis between the Romantic Concept of the Sublime and Cyberspace

dr Miguel Angel Gaete (RL) | DrGaetec (SL)
University of York, Great Britain

Myths and Understandings in Second Language Acquisition: Implications for Language Learning and Teaching

Joshua Brown (RL) | HerrBrown (SL)
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Future Existence of a Human in Multitude Technological Worlds

Sidey Myoo
Academia Electronica-Instytut Filozofii UJ


Faces of Violence: Theoretical Perspectives and Popular Culture
Polina Golovátina-Mora, PhD (RL)| Eglath (SL)
The School of Social Sciences at the University of Pontificia Bolivariana in Medelin, Columbia9.04.2018
Madness and Youthfulness: Life, Death, and the In-Between

WU, Lok Ying (RL) | judywudy (SL)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China


Monster and Disaster: Modern philosophy about monstrosity

prof. Kantaro Ohashi (RL) | materiamatrix (SL)
Kobe University – Japan