Futurological Seminar – SF

Educator Name: Michał Ostrowicki
Netname: Sidey Myoo
Sidey Myoo
Title/Academic degree prof. dr hab.
Affiliation Jagiellonian University
E-mail contact sidey.myoo@academia-electronica.net | michal.ostrowicki@uj.edu.pl
Amount of ECTS points* 2 points ECTS (ten houres)
Term (semester/day/hour) Summer semester, Wednesday, 12.00-1.30 PM
Bibliography Seminarium Futurologiczne_bibliografia
Lecture problemtics Futurology as a field of science – a logical prediction of the future.
Contemporary futurologies: Trnshumanizm | Posthumanizm | Artificial Intelligence | Virtual Reality | Cyborgization
Futurology and the basic researches.
The speed of change and the changing fields of scientific research.
“Tesla in the Space ” – a joke or a manifesto concerning the contemporary practicing of science?
Lecture Materials recordings
Tests test (only in Polish)

* Amount of ECTS poins may be changed by other University