Communication forms

In Second Life talking between users can be made by:
1. Local writing chat (for all),
2. Private, group or conference chat (IM – Instant Message),
3. On voice chat).

Second Life offers an easy managing methods of those chats.

Ekran - ikony czatu

Open chats are for everyone that are in range of:
20 meters – local writing chat
60 meters – voice chat

Private chats do not have range limitation, because they use different communication channels. There is also a conference chat option (with more than one person). To start conference chat, go to Friends tab and using CTRL key, click on those you want to add to chat, then right click on one of them and select IM.

Each chat offers you a transcription option. Chat history is marked by grey color, date and hour sign, but for local chat there are only last 24 hours visible. Each transcription can be found as text file, stored on your computer hard disk.