Academic trips

Place category Guided by Visited places Pictures
Artist Gallery Course trip Patrick Moya Museum GALERIA
Forests Course trip Chakryn Forest GALLERY
Julius Verne
Course trip The Vernian Sea GALLERY
Far East Culture Course trip Buddha Center GALLERY
in Second Life
Course trip Ivory Tower – Library of Primitives GALLERY
Post-apocalyptic Course trip Insmouth GALLERY
Sci-Fi Course trip Star Trek Museum GALLERY
Space exploration history Course trip International Space Museum – Spaceport Alpha GALLERY
Electronic Arts Course trip Ars Simulacra GALLERY
Electronic Arts Two Fish Too GALLERY
Mythology Course trip The Centaur’s Hall GALLERY
Electronic Arts Course trip Linden Endowmnet for the Arts (LEA) GALLERY
Post-apocalyptic Course trip The Missing Mile GALLERY
Ogrody Neutrinka Lisle Caye Verte, Phaze Demesnes
Rosemist Isle, Annwn Willows