Stream installation

Internet radio is a simple method to share passion with other people. It is also an alternative to lecture and conference streaming for long distances. We would like to invite you, to read instruction how to set up most popular solution in the web.

instalacja stream - Winamp

  • Select installed plugin,
  • Click: Configure selected plugin,
  • After opening configuration window, go to: Output > Login,

instalacja stream - Login

  • Put server address, access port and password into highlighted places (server address without http://),
  • Check: Use SHOUTcast v1 mode,
  • Go to: Directory,

instalacja stream - Nazwa

  • Make sure that Make this stream public option is checked,
  • Write something in stream name, default is not accepted in this version,
  • Go to: Encoder

instalacja stream - Kodek

  • Select MP3 Encoder from the drop list,
  • After getting second drop list select the quality of your streaming – minimum 96 kbps, 44100 Hz, Stereo,
  • Go to: Logs

instalacja stream - logi

  • Check: Enable logging of connection messages,
  • Now click Play in winamp and Connect,
  • If everything was configured good, in status window you will see timer and amount of sending data,
  • If you want to talk to your listeners, go to Input,

instalacja stream - Głos

  • Select from drop list: Soundcard Input,
  • Select quality (4 available),
  • Select input (if not go by default)
  • Click: Lock near the Push to Talk button.