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Educator Name: Michał Ostrowicki
Netname: Sidey Myoo
Sidey Myoo
Title/Academic degree prof. dr hab.
Affiliation Jagiellonian University
E-mail contact |
Amount of ECTS points* 6
Term (semester/day/hour) Summer semester / Friday / 1.00 – 2.30 pm
Syllabus Filozofia Sieci-sylabus
Bibliography Filozofia Sieci-Bibliografia
Lecture problemtics 1. Paradigm of technology in the 21st Century.
2. The importance of the electronic environment for human development.
3. Artificial intelligence and robotics – a historical outline.
4. From intelligence to consciousness.
5. Materialistic mechanics or dualistic phenomenalism?
6. The theory of supervenience.
7. Davidson’s anomalous momonism and his epiphenomenal development.
8. D. Chalmers and the universality of consciousness.
9. Self-learning systems – the speed of SI improvement.
10. The importance of induction in the Big DataBase era.
11. SI axiology – can we program the goodness and badness?
12. Cyborgization – the value of human enhancement through technology.
13. Brain-computer interface – who is leading?
14. Towards a society of people and machines.
15. The importance of futurology in the humanities.
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