Academic Survey

1. What is SL for you?
A – Computer game
B – Forum, chat, social portal
C – Type of reality
D – Hard to say

2. Do you feel any emotions related to SL?

A – No
B – I have some sensations, but they are meaningless
C – There are situations when I feel real emotions
D – Hard to say

3. Do you think that you may enter a close relationship in SL?
A – Yes, similar to the real world
B – No
C – Yes, but they are totally loose
D – Hard to say

4. Do you think, that people and relationships with them, have any significance in SL?
A – I don’t care about these relationships
B – They are only business contacts which are important to me
C – They are my friends
D – Hard to say

5. Do you think, that investing money in SL for a new avatar’s appearance, house, yacht, etc. are:
A – Useless
B – Expenses allowing to create your own world in SL
C – They can be justified e.g. if someone uses SL for work
D – Hard to say

6. If talking to the avatar in SL you are aware that it is:
A – Human
B – I don’t care who is behind the avatar
C – Bot
D – Hard to say

7. Do you feel the need to sit, when your avatar is walking or staying for s long time in SL?
A – I don’t feel such need
B – Yes, I feel tired and such a need
C – I usually sit down if others sit down
D – Hard to say

8. If someone accidentally bumps into your avatar in SL, then:
A – You feel you don’t like it, because it disturbs your avatar
B – I don’t care about it
C – I feel that as a physical contact
D – Hard to say

9. If you compare SL to RL, you feel that:
A – In SL you sometimes feel more free and more at ease than in RL
B – It limits me
C – I have the same feelings towards SL and RL
D – Hard to say

10. Would you like to meet persons from SL in RL?
A – I don’t need it
B – Yes, I am interested, who is behind the avatar
C – I have mixed feelings to such meetings
D – Hard to say

11. Has your experience of SL influenced your behaviour in RL?
A – Nothing important in my RL has changed
B – Yes, many issues have improved in my RL
C – Some matters / relationships in SL have destroyed something in my RL
D – Hard to say

12. How deeply are you interested in SL?
A – Sometimes SL and RL are equally important for me
B – I was in SL several times, but it has not interested me
C – I am deeply absorbed with SL
D – Hard to say

13. Which form of avatar do you prefer / have you chosen in SL?
A – Human
B – Vampire, zombie or animal
C – Robot, vehicle or other
D – Hard to say

Amount of results: 524
Latest update: 27-10-2020
Survey prepared by: Neutrinka Lisle, Dex Euromat, Sidey Myoo