Academia Electronica

Academia Electronica was established in 2007 as similar to the Web University, in 3d graphic environment, in Second Life, and from 2021 was extended its activities into virtual world AltspaceVR. Academia objective, as research and teaching facility, is to study the virtual reality phenomena and the importance of technology development including i.e. immersion, telematics, telepresence, interactivity, artificial intelligence and intelligent robots or cyborgization, web identity and importance of formation of virtual reality, treated as alternative kind of reality in relation to physical world. Next objective is to invite scientists and students to research among others phenomena listed above together, taking into account different scientific disciplines, and also to do cross-university courses affiliated by different academic facilities. By existing in virtual reality Academia became a practical example of a research object – humanistic laboratory.

In 2008, the first cross-country academic course Electronic environment as human reality was held in Academia. In following years, a few hundred students and free listeners participated in a range of courses. Beside courses, there were many lectures in Academia made by invited guests during From Student to Professor and Science Beyond Borders – The Global Academia Electronica cycles. There were also conference, cross-country and international congress speeches, also few conferences were organized in Academia.
In 2012 there was first in Poland public Phd and then first Bachelor exam, and the first Master degree exam was held in 2015.
In 2015 a test exam bot was developed and also The Section of Philosophy of Technology of Science Club of Students Philosophy of JU meetings started which include tutorials and seminars. Over the years in virtual worlds, where Academia exists, nearly twenty different lecture spaces were created. This variety of options allowed us to have in the academic year 2020-21, during Covid-19 pandemic, almost 30 courses running simultaneously from different Polish academic centers.
In 2020 there was first in Poland public speech with the use of Oculus during the conference organized by Artes Liberales Department of Warsaw University in cooperation with Ethic and Philosophy of Technology Association and with technical support from Intermedia Department of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow.
In the academic year 2021-22 in Academia, first in Poland, a 30h course was held using Oculus in the virtual world AltspaceVR. In our electronic galleries, there were some art exhibitions and also you can listen to a cycle featuring listing of historical computer games music.

In the beginning of 2022 the legacy from years 2008-21 including 270 movies, audio and presentations got archived.

From the beginning Academia got acceptance from Jagiellonian University, including the Institute of Philosophy.

Academia Electronica is a common asset of the academic community, it is a place in the network where research and teaching activities can be conducted. Academia is also the development of online academism, a place where you can come anytime, talk, listen to music or contemplate. This is the place where people who enter the network are the most important.

Current governing core of Academia is: Sidey Myoo, from whose initiative Academia came to life; Neutrinka Lisle, Academia administrator and main creator of lecture spaces; Dex Euromat, creator and technical consultant. Over the years Academia evolved thanks to a lot of different people. Their input many times was not only the good word or change suggestion, but also an object that nowadays is still there and serves the Academia. You all remain in our memory, we bow low and offer our heartfelt thanks.

What was and still makes Academia is the people and atmosphere, timeless, immeasurable, wonderful values that define science, the sense of learning and exchange of knowledge, insight into the future and the meaning of development.

Materials posted on Academia Electronica website are shared under Creative Commons License – recognition of authorship.