How to give a lecture?

At the Academia Electronica lectures are pronounced online with the use of a headphones + microphone set. In order for the listeners to hear your voice, you should press the “Speak” button, which is at the bottom of the screen of the Second Life, and which starts voice communication. When you speak and a green “wave” appears, it means that your voice reaches the listeners and the Second Life.

During a lecture you could use the screen and make a slideshow. Slides should be files in JPEG or PNG type, which are loaded to the Second Life. In order for your slide to appear on the screen of the Academia, you should drag it from the inventory (the user’s folder Textures is the place where the slides are stored after loading them to the Second Life).You are required to pay for loading a graphic file to the Second Life and it costs 10 Linden Dollars, that is a few groszys.

Students could use a chat sidebar on which they could make comments, develop their ideas or provide links. It is possible that they start a debate in which the lecturer mainly uses his/her voice, but the students chat.

There is an online attendence verification system at the Academia Electronica, which is triggered at the beginning of the lecture. It is possible to start the system by clicking the ball in the room, slightly behind the listeners.It serves to create the attendence list in the lecture as well as calculate the attendence percentage of the student in the course. The attendence list is automatically emailed to the lecturer.

Lectures are usually recorded and archived on the Academia’s website. In order to do that you could use a user-friendly software Audacity, which only records voice. The recorded lecture is then converted into an mp3 file (using the Audacity plugin: LAME), then you could save the recorded lecture on the Academia’s website. For registration of the lecture you could also use other software, e.g. recording both voice and image, and such a video could be loaded to the Academia’s website.

See you later in the virtual world! 🙂