Electronic Art – SE

Educator Name: Michał Ostrowicki
Netname: Sidey Myoo
Sidey Myoo
Title/Academic degree prof. dr hab.
Affiliation Jagiellonian University
Kontakt emailE-mail contact sidey.myoo@academia-electronica.net   |   michal.ostrowicki@uj.edu.pl
Ilość punktów ECTS* 6
Term (semester/day/hour) Summer / Friday / 11.00 – 12.30
Syllabus Sylabus-Sztuka elektroniczna
Bibliography Bibliografia-Sztuka elektroniczna
Lecture problemtics
  1. The art of the electronic matter – ontology of electronic works of art
  2. Interactivity as a phenomenon of modern times
  3. Types of interactivity
  4. Image and space – proscenity and interactivity
  5. Interactive installation
  6. Technology as an artist’s workshop – defining technology for art
  7. Netart and art on the Web
  8. Bioart
  9. Immersion as an universal property of art
  10. Synesthesia, association, telematics
  11. Creative Robots – art of SI
  12. Stalking, tracking and power – the art of monitoring
  13. Artistic interfaces – design and culture of participation
  14. Web as a universal exhibition space
  15. Postmedia … and what next?
Lecture Materials recordings
Tests test (only in Polish)

* Ilość punktów ECTS może być zmieniona przez Kierownictwo Instytutu innej Uczelni